I am an emerging technologies researcher at the Aspen Institute working at the intersection of emerging technology, public education, and public policy. Previously, I served as a TechCongress Congressional Innovation Scholar working in the office of Representative Trahan on health tech, educational tech, and data privacy.

Before that, I worked at Brown University as a graduate research assistant for James Tompkin. My research interests in computer vision principally focus on 3D vision, informed by my undergraduate degree in physics.


Towards Untrusted Social Video Verification to Combat Deepfakes via Face Geometry Consistency

Eleanor Tursman, Marilyn George, Seny Kamara, James Tompkin
Media Forensics CVPR Workshop 2020

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Dynamic Scene Novel View Synthesis via Deferred Spatio-temporal Consistency

Beatrix-Emőke Fülöp-Balogh, Eleanor Tursman, James Tompkin, Julie Digne, Nicolas Bonneel
Computers & Graphics 2022

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Detecting Deepfakes Using Crowd Consensus

Eleanor Tursman
XRDS: Crossroads, The ACM Magazine for Students
September 2020

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Game Design

In my free time, I enjoy designing analog games that explore relationships and a variety of unconventional forms of communication between players. My game Alchemy (and Feelings) received an honorable mention at the 2017 Golden Cobra competition, and my 200 word RPG, Can you hear me? was one of seventy finalists from a pool of over 800 games in 2018.

Outside of academics and design, I craft, draw, larp, and play tabletop RPGs.